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L26 Class News 21 July 2014: Lipton Entries Close this Friday & Important Class Membership Information

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Reminder to enter for Lipton | Please pay your class fees | L26 website

Lipton Entries Close this Friday

Important Class Membership and Class Fee Information

Dear L26 Owners, Class Members, Sailors and Friends, Yacht Clubs and Regatta Organisers

Lipton Challenge Cup

Entries Close at 17h00 on 25 July 2014 . That’s this Friday, so only this week left to enter. Now’s the time to get all the paperwork completed.
All the documents you need to enter can be found on the Lipton Cup Website here.
If you require any further information on the 2014 Lipton Cup Challenge, please contact John Leslie at False Bay Yacht Club at or .
We draw your attention to paragraph 9.3.2 of the Notice of Contest, which stipulates that a boat shall be eligible to compete only if her Owner and Skipper are both members in good standing of the L26 Class Owners’ Association. Please note that an entry will be accepted but not processed unless this requirement has been met.

L26 Class Membership – Important

Aside from the Lipton Challenge, please be aware that the L26 Class membership requirements HAVE to be complied with if a boat is to compete in a Class Race. This is standard practice for class racing anywhere in the world. So please, make sure you comply with the L26 Class membership conditions BEFORE entering any L26 Class race or regatta.
Sailors who try to enter events without proper proof that their boat’s eligibility requirements have been met put unnecessary pressure on regatta organisers and can even put the regatta in jeopardy. We have seen this in this country during the past year.
In particular, the practice of signing a declaration on an entry form confirming that an owner or skipper is a member of the Class Owners’ Association when this is not the case, is unacceptable. It probably constitutes fraud, and certainly invites a Rule 69 investigation.
The membership requirements for class racing in the L26 Class are quite clear. In terms of Class Rule 2.3.9, if an L26 is to compete in a Class Race then: The owner, or owners if a boat is shared, must belong to the Class Owners’ Association. The skipper must also belong to the Class Owners’ Association unless the owner, or at least one of the owners if the boat is shared, is on board during the racing in question. In the case of a boat owned by a Club, we obviously don’t require all the individual club members to join the Class Owners’ Association. This means that club members are not co-owners in terms of Class Rule 2.3.9, so it follows that the skippers of Club-owned boats always have to join the Association to compete in Class Races.
Finally, the L26 Class has taken a decision that CR 2.3.9 will only be enforced in Class regattas , including Nationals, Provincials etc, and not in casual weekend racing.
So, please pay your class fees (R200 if paid after the deadline of 31 January). You can now complete the L26 Class Form online here. Please note that you have to complete both these steps. if you have any questions, please call me (Kirsten).

A reminder of the revised L26 Class Rules

Please take careful note of the revised L26 Class Rules as revised and approved by the vote of the L26 Class Owners’ Association Members on 29 May 2014.
It should be noted that these are the class rules that are applicable for Lipton Cup 2014, as per the Lipton Challenge 2014 Notice of Contest.
Download the L26 Class Rules here
The Class Rules can also be downloaded on

L26 Class Rules Information

If you have any questions or would like clarification with regards to these Class Rules, or would like the Class Owners’ Association to investigate a suspected non-conformance of a specific L26, please contact:
David Hudson
L26 Class President and Technical Committee
Michael Surgeson
Technical Committee
We advise you to do this in the next week or so, especially if you are concerned about boat compliance for Lipton Cup.

L26 Website –

Some members have reported having trouble registering on the site. We apologise for any inconvenience – we have been making some improvements on the site and these technical hitches should all be sorted. Please be advised that you are registered, and you may log in with the user name and password that you registered with.

Many thanks in advance for your support, and we look forward to a great Lipton Challenge at False Bay this year!

Best wishes,
On behalf of the L26 Class Owners’ Association Executive Committee,
Kirsten Veenstra
L26 Class Owners’ Association Secretary

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