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    L26 Class Membership must be renewed annually, and there are two steps to this process:

    1. You must complete the L26 Class Form online here
    2. You must pay your Class Fees.

    NOTE: There are three cases that you would need to complete the class membership form:

    1. You own an L26 yacht,
    2. You are skippering an L26 yacht in a class regatta and the owner is not onboard, and
    3. You represent an organisation or yacht club that owns an L26 yacht or L26 yachts. You need to complete one form per yacht

    Membership Status (*)

    Title (*)

    First Name (*)

    Surname (*)

    Date of Birth (*)

    Yacht Club or Organisation that owns L26 Yacht(s), if applicable

    Landline telephone number:

    Mobile number: (*)

    Email Address: (*)

    Physical Address: (*)

    Postal Address, if different from physical address

    Name of yacht club: (*)

    Region: (*)

    Name of L26 Yacht: (*)

    Sail number of L26 Yacht: (*)

    Class fees are R400 for the owner and R 400 for the skipper if the owner is not onboard. Please pay via EFT and email or fax proof of payment to L26 Class Presiden Ian Slatem on with [L26-surname-sail no] as your reference. You may also attach a PDF of your proof of payment to your online form. Bank Account Details for Payment: Account Holder: SA Sailing, Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa, Branch: Thibault Square, Cape Town, Branch Code: 02-09-09-00, Account Number: 07-088-302-5, Account Type: Current

    Class Fee Payment:: Amount to pay: (*)

    Upload Proof of Payment (optional)


    Please select if you need any of the following:

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